Dentures are a full replacement prosthetic for patients who have lost some, or all of their teeth. This can be a more affordable solution than implants or other methods of tooth replacement. Are you missing teeth or in need of a full extraction of your remaining teeth?

Are you embarrassed about the way you look without teeth and fearful of the cost of a full replacement? Dentures offer a full replacement option that is far more convenient and realistic in appearance than past generation prosthetics.

At Dr. Gina Ha & Associates, we work with patients to ensure their best smile within their budget. We want to know that the procedure you choose works for your lifestyle and makes you feel good when you walk out the door.

Care and Keeping of Dentures

Dentures provide a full set of teeth which can be removed. This may not be as convenient as implants, which are a permanently fixed solution. However, dentures offer an affordable option and may be the best method if the bone in your jaw won’t tolerate an implant. The good news is that dentures today can be made with materials that can often be indistinguishable from natural teeth. They are convenient to fit, wear, and maintain.

Things to know about Dentures

Dentures Need to Be Cleaned Daily

Many people think you don’t have to clean dentures as thoroughly as you would your teeth because they’re not prone to decay. That’s simply untrue. To keep dentures in optimal condition, they should be cleaned regularly and soaked in a solution overnight. They reside within your mouth, so it’s important to remove any bacteria that might cause illness.

Dentures May Need to Be Refitted

Your jawline can change over time. While the dentures may stay in excellent condition, they may not fit as well if your bones move or shrink. When this happens, you’ll need to see your dentist to have adjustments made.

Dentures May Need Adhesives or Glue

Your dentist can recommend the best type of adhesive to keep your dentures in place during the day

Visit Dr. Gina Ha & Associates for Your Denture Needs

At Dr. Gina Ha & Associates, we know the importance of a good smile on your self-esteem. Many people are embarrassed by the loss of teeth. The truth is that gum disease and tooth loss are common conditions. We help our patients choose the best denture option, and work with them to make sure that their lifestyle is as good with dentures as it was when they had their natural teeth.

Please contact us today of you have any questions about dentures and whether they’d be right for you.

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