Full Arch Fixed Implants

All on 4 or All on X dental implants are commonly requested by patients who need to replace all of their upper and/or lower teeth but do not want to have dentures. These full arch fixed implants replace the full set of teeth, but they are permanently fixed, which makes them more convenient for many patients. They are called All on 4 or All on X because the structure of the prosthetic teeth is anchored in place using four or more implants.

If you are missing all of your teeth, tired of dentures, or need to have all of your teeth removed, full arch fixed dental implants offer a less invasive, more cost effective solution than individual dental implants. At Dr. Gina Ha & Associates, we provide full consultation so that you understand the benefits and lifestyle enhancement offered by an all on 4 dental implant solution.

The result is a great, natural looking smile without dealing with the inconvenience of dentures.


When Full Arch Fixed Dental Implants are Recommended

These implants have become one of the most popular alternatives to full dentures. Tooth loss is extremely common. Current statistics indicate that 6% of Canadian adults have lost all of their teeth and many more are missing one or more of their teeth. Over 20% of adults in Canada have some form of gum disease, which is a major cause of tooth loss.

For patients who have severe damage and loss, there are a number of options. At Dr. Gina Ha & Associates, we are on the side of repairing teeth when the natural tooth can be saved. In cases where many or all of the teeth need to be removed, Full arch fixed dental implants can be an excellent alternative to dentures. During this process, four or more titanium screws are surgically implanted in the jaw. The full set of new prosthetic teeth are then anchored to these four implants.

At Dr. Gina Ha & Associates, we examine each patient carefully and discuss the process in its entirety. This allows patients to understand the difference between their natural teeth and the fit of an All on 4 solution.

Choosing Dr. Gina Ha & Associates for Your Full Arch Fixed Implants

At Dr. Gina Ha & Associates, we specialize in working with patients to find the most ideal solutions for their individual dental needs. Full arch fixed dental implants provide a full set of teeth that many consider more convenient and comfortable than dentures. For some patients, they may not be ideal. Our individualized approach helps patients to find the best tooth replacement solution to fit their lifestyle and oral health.

Contact us today for more information about All on 4 dental implants.

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